How To Avoids Scams

1)Dont accept money From buyers Fund should be transfered between both or your legal representative.The deposit will held on legal represtative and fund will transfered in full of agreed settlement Date.

2)Make Sure that you do not accept internation cheque or money orders and ensure the funds has been cleared First Became Action is token

3)Never pay instant refunds directly from  access money by instant mean like internet Banking or wire Transfers,even if realistic  if ligimitate error occured in relation to overpayment by a buyer your legal representative should wait to fund be clear then access money accordingly.

4)Do not Relay proof of payment from buyer check with your legal representative that the fund is clear you have recieved a signed sale contract from a buyer

5)Be Caution any legal threats from scammers .They may attempt use threats  s to scare paying  money

6)if you think you are scammed by a buyer or seller you can Contact us report to directly australian Competition and consumer  affair commission see how to report a  scam for further information