Scam To Look out For

Suspicious Massege from Seller Or Buyers

1.we always recomended you to buyer or seller phone number and speak out them over the phone to plan an inspection together.if you ask to sned them a mail tocommunicate further it could be the fraudulent scammer.
2.if you contact buy a seller who can not speak with you to proceed with a third party company that is ligimitate legal representative please be very cautions ,they will start with massege or sms asking to email to them.
3.if you are unsure,if massage is a scam please send us the enquiry the Contact us section of website and we further investigate.
4.if you have engagement in ongoing correspondence with a suspicious seller please be very careful and do not provide them any personal or financial information.
5.if you think you have been scammed buy a seller or buyer you can report directly to Australian Competetion and consumers affairs commision
1)by on phone 1300 302 502
2)by online report on following link
3)we also recommended you signup and stay smart online email