Help For Home Sellers

Things to consider when selling your home on

  • Declutter your property by removing oversized furniture and cleaning out storage areas to help accentuate space. Also remove paperwork off your desk areas, no matter how tidy it may appear.
  • Organise everything in a manner that allows people to easily move through the home without things getting in the way. Consider moving larger items into storage if required.
  • Invest in new cushions or cushion covers and put clean fresh looking towels in the bathroom. You can also buy some fresh new flowers on inspection day for the dining or coffee table.
  • Make sure there is good lighting throughout the home as this will give the appearance of having more space. Replace any dysfunctional or dull bulbs and install appropriate lighting in darker areas such as free-standing lamps, etc.
  • Neutralise your property by removing any family photos and religious icons. You want people to be able to visualise that the property could be their home, so this will make it feel more welcoming.
  • Consider putting up nice modern artwork at eye level to help fill gaps in your wall areas.
  • Clean your house thoroughly before taking any photos or preparing for inspection. Dust skirting boards, cupboards and furniture, sugar soap walls and clean the windows, carpets and flooring areas.
  • Tidy your garden areas, clean gutters and cut your lawn/s if applicable. A well landscaped and tidy yard will be very important to prospective buyers. Replace any dead plants or fill gaps where required and consider investing in new mulch, rocks and/or soil in garden beds.
  • Make your home look and feel welcoming. First impressions are important so the entrance area is a good place to start.
  • Consider painting the front door, gutters, window frames and dated internal walls and feature walls to a more neutral colour.
  • Make sure there are no bad smells in your home, such as smoke, pets and mildew and the room temperature is comfortable. Air your property out well in advance of an inspection by opening any windows. This will then give you time to adjust the room temperature the appropriate heating or cooling, making sure it is comfortable for visitors walking in and out of the house.
  • Eliminate other evidence of any pets being in the home (if applicable), by removing any food or water bowls and kitty litter trays.
  • Remove junk mail and newspapers from the letterbox regularly.
  • Keep your car/s parked inside the garage or carport if possible and avoid having rubbish bins outside the front of the property.
  • Keep your car/s parked inside the garage or carport if possible and avoid having rubbish bins outside the front of the property.
  • Make sure you share your property through your social media accounts and encourage all of your contacts and connections to do the same.

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